Kamis, 09 Desember 2010

Free webcam watcher For Your Cams Dating

Hi.. women, girls, and men..Make your online dating and chating more interesting and fun with a web cam live. Have you ever heard about this software called Webcam Watcher? , this cam-tool very amazing, I tell you that with the webcam watch, the online world at your hands, at fingertips.

Watches the wireless web cam for you, you're able to downloading and saving pictures when they change, You're also can jump between cameras and scan back and forward in time, literally putting the world wide web located at the front of your eyes...this wb cam software will help you snoop and find your dating partner right?..

Best of all , this great cam software is Free for you...

Password: free7

How to use a web cam ?

About how to use the webcam watcher is really simple and easy , you'll find complete guide of using its at the help menu, after you install the web cam application, such as the following:

How to find the web cam URL:

Open your internet browser and navigate to the webcam page.
Right click on the web cm image and click "Properties".
Copy the URL from the Address field.

How to add a webcam:

Click the "+" icon in the controls menu.
Enter the webcam URL, Webcam Name and
Refresh Rate of the web ca you want to
watch. Click ok. The webcam will now appear in your webcam list.

To watch a webcam:

Double click the webcam in your webcam list. It will appear thumbnailed in the We cams menu. You can click on the thumbnail to view it full size in the
Viewer window, where you can zoom in and out, or use that cam as a screensaver.
Click the "X" button on the webcam to stop it. Click the circular arrow button on the webcam to refresh it.

To save all new webcam images:

Check the "AutoSave New Pictures" box.
Now all new images from the webcams you are watching will be saved in the /cam/
directory in the program folder.

Short Tips:

-Move your mouse over any button or text field to see what it does.

-You can only watch .jpg, .gif and .bmp images.

-The status bar under each watched webcam's thumbnail notifies you of image download

-The statusbar at the bottom of the screen will notify you when it saves a new picture.

-You can edit an existing webcam by selecting it in the Webccam Listing and clicking the edit button (icon that looks like a document)

-Stop all watched cams by clicking the "X" button in the controls list.

-Start all watched cams by clicking the check mark button in the controls list.

I hope this Chat, cams, and dating tips will be useful..